He is not always to blame

Especially now in summer, during the mating season of martens, is when it often happens: A marten leaves its scent on a car, the car changes its location, the “resident” marten smells a rival – and then the vicious biting attacks commence under the bonnet. Particularly common targets: ignition cables, radiator hoses, insulation and insulating material. Also popular, but less frequently affected: brake hoses. So, if brake fluid stains start to appear under the car, the braking force decreases, the brake pedal can suddenly bepressed further down than usual and/or the braking distance increases – beware: it could possibly be due to the work of the sharp teeth of these rodents.

However, brake hoses are also classic wear parts that over time, can corrode, become porous, brittle and thus leak due to high levels of stress, fluctuating temperatures, moisture, dirt and salt. It's a good thing that AIC has great value replacements in its portfolio.

We currently stock such 88 items – with and without sealing rings and banjo bolts – for 11,890 applications. And this applies all year round, not only during the marten mating season.

If the marten nibbles at the brake hose, AIC supplies a replacement.


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