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There is another way: Key housings in OE quality

Minor damage, major costs? That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. At least not if it’s a defective flip or folding key. They are actually quite robust. But if such a key passes through many hands – as is the case, for example, with courier and care services or car hire companies – the housing can wear out over time.

If only Alfred knew!

Are you familiar with Alfred Vacheron? The French engineer is regarded as the inventor of the steering wheel, which he first used in 1894 in the legendary Paris-Rouen race in a ‘Panhard’ car. Although he did not make it onto the winners‘ podium, his development very quickly asserted itself in the industry against the back-then conventional steering bar.

Keep cool and stay fresh

Shortly before the well-deserved summer holidays begin, all travellers who will be travelling long distances in their car should have their vehicle thoroughly checked again. The air conditioning is a key factor here.

Like a breath of fresh air

Drivers should always keep an eye on the operating temperature of their car. The electric fan is an important part of the vehicle’s main cooling system.

Don’t be a drip

The culprit is often a leaking oil sump drain plug. Depending on the type, it should either be replaced completely with an integrated seal or integrated sealing ring or at least the sealing ring should be exchanged at every oil change.


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