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When too much is too much

Too much moisture is a major reason for problems with the integrated, highly complex electronic components of vehicle lighting. These include, among other things, the driver and the power module, the latter also called a ballast.

Hangin’ low

Low-riding cars may look cool to some people. However, if a defective air spring compressor, which is unable to supply the spring bellows with compressed air, is responsible for the low vehicle clearance, immediate action should be taken – after all, the driving stability of the entire car is now seriously impaired.

Leaky business

It's fair to say that when diesel enters the engine compartment, it can quickly turn into a huge mess. On top of that, a pungent smell will generally also spread throughout the car’s interior – something you don’t want to be exposed to for too long.

Once upon a time in the central warehouse

This is because, thanks to continuous investments in state-of-the-art technologies, we have a high-performance distribution centre that grows with the demands of the ever-increasing turnover of goods. But that’s not all: Over the past few weeks, we have also created a new hall structure during ongoing operations.

At some point you’re all out of air

In the end, it all happens very quickly: A loud bang – and you’re out of air. Nothing works any more. Be that as it may, there is nothing that can be repaired in the long term. Instead, the hose must be replaced, such as with a great value spare part from AIC.


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