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Springtime will shed some light on it

It’s a good thing that, unlike most OE items, all AIC splash shields are galvanised and therefore effectively resist rust. Road salt, splashing water and hot brake dust are always take a heavy toll on these components that are also often referred to as “backing plates”.

Once upon a time…

...a trend swept across the pond from the USA to Europe and became firmly established on our roads: big and bulky vehicles – and with them increasing problems with the steering knuckles, which are part of the wheel suspension set-up.

Let’s see it as an opportunity

The political goal with regard to private transport is clear: According to the EU’s climate plan, only zero-emission cars are to be newly registered in the EU from 2035. There are several solutions. But the variety of alternative drive systems - such as natural gas or biogas (CNG), mild hybrid (MHEV), full hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV), electric (EV), hydrogen (FCEV) and synthetic fuels (e-fuels) - with all their pros and cons does not exactly make it easy for manufacturers and consumers to make a decision. Who wants to back the proverbial “wrong horse”? What’s more, the previous, predominantly car-friendly transport policy is also being fundamentally questioned and new mobility concepts are constantly being developed to increasingly push the private car to the sidelines.

From VW Golf to Lamborghini: Haldex all-wheel drive

At the end of the last millennium – so not so very long ago – most people certainly thought of “all-wheel drive” more in terms of rugged vehicles that could tear their way through rough terrain, such as Audi Quattro, Jeep or Land Rover, rather than sleek Italian luxury brands or nimble small cars on the road.

Turin design

It has been around two years since we included the OE manufacturer OLSA in our program with 265 high-quality lighting parts for a large number of vehicle uses and made them available for the aftermarket.


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