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Anything but a discontinued line

For some electric mobility enthusiasts, the term “shifter cable” sounds almost like a bygone era, like “crankcase”, “tank” or “exhaust”. But all these components are far from being obsolete.

Training @ AIC

An interview with Florian Hoffmann, trainee for wholesale and foreign trade management and enthusiastic motor racing fan.

Mirror, mirror…

AIC Germany has recently started to offer exterior mirrors and mirror glass from the original manufacturer OLSA in premium quality.

We think in categories

How do you keep track of a portfolio of over 10,000 items? Especially when new items continue to be added month after month, while the range is being constantly expanded and the market as a whole is in a state of tremendous upheaval.

A brand unlike any other

The Californian brand TESLA, which handed over the first cars "Made in Germany" in March this year, is pushing with power onto the German market. Nevertheless, even with this comparatively very young provider, the first vehicles are "driving" out of warranty. For this, AIC Germany has a wide range of suitable replacements.


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