Perfectly in tune with each other

Many hobby mechanics – and also some experienced mechanics at professional automotive workshops – think that it is enough to simply replace individual defective or corroded parts of a component if there are problems with the car. Often, this is done for cost reasons – and it is often also completely sufficient and therefore perfectly fine. However, in some cases this is not recommended at all – such as when it comes to the intake manifold module, sometimes also referred to as the inlet manifold, intake bridge or intake plenum.

A common problem with the intake manifold module is that, over the years, carbon deposits build up in the ducts and on the flaps, which reduces the intake cross-section and attacks the flap mechanism. The servomotor can also wear out over time. However, the engine and gears of the module must be perfectly harmonised to ensure that the air flow is distributed as evenly as possible to all cylinders of the vehicle engine.

So, if you notice a change in the driving behaviour – such as it begins to shudder and jerk when accelerating and/or the check engine light comes on, it might well be that the interaction in the intake manifold module might not be working as it should. Our recommendation: It is better to install a complete module in which the individual parts that are perfectly in tune with each other. For example, we offer our set solutions like items 75204 and 75205 which are suitable for 194 vehicle applications. Just take a look in the spare parts catalogue.

control, swirl covers (induction pipe) / AIC Item no: 75204Set


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