Once upon a time in the central warehouse

When we moved into our new building in Glinde back in 2016, we were excited about our new “central warehouse”, which promised to deliver numerous synergies by combining the former individual warehouses, and for which we were still – quite literally – putting the finishing touches (to the floors) at the time. Today, only a few years later, we can say that our expectations have even been exceeded. This is because, thanks to continuous investments in state-of-the-art technologies, we have a high-performance distribution centre that grows with the demands of the ever-increasing turnover of goods. The best examples of this are the automated small parts warehouse, the fully automatic recording station for the dimensions of articles – we call it “the scales” for simplicity’s sake – or our packaging machine for individually cut cardboard boxes.

But that’s not all: Over the past few weeks, we have also created a new hall structure during ongoing operations. By reorganising the incoming goods and packing teams, and optimising process flows through shorter working distances, we have further increased our efficiency.

In view of general labour shortages, it would hardly be possible to cope with the steadily increasing order volume any other way. However, anyone who thinks that there are only robots at work in our “sacred halls” and that there are no people left is very much mistaken. Around 70 colleagues are now employed in this area of Jürgen Liebisch GmbH. Despite all the process automation and challenges of the labour market, our workforce is growing steadily. And so, we are pleased to be able to welcome a number of new colleagues to our “central warehouse” again in the coming weeks.

Optimized process flows through shortened paths.


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